Cloud Series – Puffy Down Quilt 500 gram fill


Filled with 500 gram goose down, this puffy down quilt is your perfect travel companion and snuggle up sofa blanket. The shiny nylon will keep weather and spills away and feels great and luxurious to the bare skin. The puffy design is very warm and comforting for those cold nights!

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Cloud Series

Add extra warmth on your camping trip or in the caravan or keep it as a soft and comfortable puffy down quilt at home. This quilt is filled with 500 gram goose down to make it extra puffy as a duvet or cover. Due to the nylon its soft to touch and can be used to bare skin like a sleeping bag, but without feeling restrained. 


The quilt is a great and versatile blanket for the camp site especially for those feeling cramped up in sleeping bag, but still wants the comforts and warmth of down. Great for couples snuggling up in a caravan, or outside on a cold night.

At Home

Down surrounded by nylon has not only got a value for outdoor experiences, as this warm blanket creates a warm complement as a duvet on the couch or on the bed. 


Size: 115x165cm
Color: Shiny Charcoal Shell and soft nylon matte Carbon Lining
Fill Weight: 500 grams
Total Weight:  approximately 800 grams
Lining: Ultra smooth 400T (Imported Korean 20D nylon)
Accessories: Durable compression bag

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 25 cm


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