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Frequently Asked Questions

1. It takes a long time for my bag or quilt to become puffy, is this normal?
Yes, the first time you unpack your product it will take some time. As the nylon is down proof and prepared to resist water, there will be some time before the product gets lofty. To keep it lofty, make sure not to store in the stuff sack but use a larger mesh sack instead. Avoid hanging the products as well as the down can lump up due to gravity.

2. Is it normal for my product to leak down?
Yes, as the down are made up of small feather there are some that can escape through the nylon. A little leak over the years is acceptable and won’t compromise the insulation. For down poking through the nylon, simply pull out and massage the area to seal the hole. If the nylon rips, or becomes damaged you will need to repair this to avoid further leakage.

3. Can I get an allergy from the down?
The goose down itself is not allergenic and it is washed several times to remove any dust or mites that could cause allergies. With time the down and nylon can become dirty and wet, so follow the care guidelines to keep your product clean.

4. Is the down plucked from live animals?
No, the goose down is not plucked from live animals, and the products filling are certified and approved by governmental instances.