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  • Down Sleeping Bag

    BlackCrag – 7D Nylon Hungarian Goose Down Sleeping Bag

    Now available outside asia! BlackCrag Hungarian Goose Down Sleeping Bag.

    This goose down sleeping bag is one of the markets top of the range models and is filled with 95% of the finest Hungarian Goose Down with a fill power of 900. The imported Korean 7D lightweight Nylon is the best shell and liner now available on …

  • Down Sleeping Bag

    BlackCrag BoYun – KOLON 20D Nylon Goose Down Sleeping bag

    Now available outside asia! BlackCrag BoYun

    This goose down sleeping bag is great alternative to the big brother with a fill power of 900. The imported Korean KOLON 20D Nylon is the best shell and liner now available on the market, heavier than the 10D this is more durable for wear and tear.


  • Down Sleeping Bag

    BlackCrag HeFeng – Goose Down Sleeping Bag

    The BlackCrag HeFeng Envelope Style Goose Down Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for backpackers and campers who demand the best in warmth and comfort. This bag is made with 800-fill-power goose down, which provides superior insulation and loft. The envelope design ensures that you stay warm and comfortable all night long, even in cold weather. The HeFeng also features …

  • Down Quilt

    Cloud Series – Goose Down Quilt 900g Fill Blanket

    Add some luxury outdoor feeling at home, in the caravan or your cabin. This queen size quilt will keep you warm during the cold nights and the nylon feels great to the bare skin. This puffy blanket is packed with 900 gram of quality goose down, which due to the 20D nylon will not escape during your adventures.

  • Down Quilt

    Cloud Series – Puffy Down Quilt 500 gram fill

    Filled with 500 gram goose down, this puffy down quilt is your perfect travel companion and snuggle up sofa blanket. The shiny nylon will keep weather and spills away and feels great and luxurious to the bare skin. The puffy design is very warm and comforting for those cold nights!

  • Down Quilt

    Hammock Quilt – Goose Down 750g Fill

    Goose down under quilts is the preferred choice for insulating the underside of the hammock. Climbing in to a hammock and keeping your backside warm is one of the struggles, but this quilt will do the job. Super light weight and compressible, this quilt is also very versatile and can be used to add warmth without the use of a …