BlackCrag – Goose Down Pants


Now available outside asia! BlackCrag Mahe series

These goose down nylon pants has a fill power of 700, and will keep you warm down to subzero temperatures on the mountin. The imported Korean 20D Nylon is the best shell and liner for a soft feel, yet water and dirt resistant.

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BlackCrag Goose Down Pants Mahe Series

Ultralight Goose down pants now available in Europe and USA. Packable ski and snow pants down made out of the best materials from BlackCrag.

These goose down pants are filled with 90% of the finest Down and has a Fill power of 700. Made from the best nylon materials which are strong, water repellent and down proofed. Since the nylon is ultralight and packed with a great fill of goose down, these ski and winter pants are perfectly packable for your snow hiking experience. Combined with the luxury down sleeping bag you will be able to camp out at extreme low temperatures.


Size: S – XL please see size chart here below (please note SMALL ASIAN SIZES)
Color: Black
Fill: 90% White Goose Down
Fill Power: 700
Fabric: 20D 400T (imported Korean nylon)
Lining: 20D 400T luxuriously soft & shiny nylon for best comfort
Fill Weight: 110 – 130 grams
Total Weight: 280 – 360 grams
Temperature scale: -10 ℃ Comfort
Accessories: ultralight compression bag

Sizing Chart – Goose down pants
Approx Height Approx Weight Fill weight Total Weight
S 155-160cm 50kg 110 gram 280 gram
M 160-165cm 60kg 115 gram 310 gram
L 170-175cm 70kg 120 gram 330 gram
XL 175-180cm 80kg 130 gram 360 gram

Benefits of Goose Down Pants

Goose down pants are a type of outdoor clothing that is made with a filling of goose down feathers. They are known for their excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, making them a popular choice for cold-weather activities such as camping, hiking, and skiing.

  • Warmth: Goose down is one of the most efficient insulators in nature, meaning that it can trap a lot of heat in a small space. This makes goose down pants ideal for keeping you warm in cold weather.
  • Lightweight: Goose down is also very lightweight, making it easy to pack and carry. This is a major advantage for hikers and backpackers, who need to keep their gear as light as possible.
  • Compressible: Goose down can be compressed into a very small space, making it easy to store and transport. This is another advantage for hikers and backpackers, who need to pack their gear efficiently.
  • Durable: Goose down is a durable material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This means that goose down pants will last for many years with proper care.
  • Comfortable: Goose down is a soft and comfortable material that feels great against the skin. This makes goose down pants a pleasure to wear, even for extended periods of time.
Materials used
  • Shell fabric: The shell fabric is the outer layer of the pants and is responsible for protecting the down from moisture and wind. The most common shell fabrics used for goose down pants are nylon and polyester. Nylon is a strong and durable fabric that is also water-resistant. Polyester is a lighter and more breathable fabric than nylon, but it is not as durable.
  • Lining fabric: The lining fabric is the inner layer of the pants and is in direct contact with the skin. The most common lining fabrics used for goose down pants are nylon and silk. Nylon is a strong and durable fabric that is also moisture-wicking. Silk is a soft and luxurious fabric that feels great against the skin.
  • Down: The down is the filling of the pants and is responsible for providing insulation. The down is typically sourced from geese or ducks and is graded according to its quality. The higher the fill power, the more loft the down has, which means that it can trap more heat.
  • Waterproofing treatment: The shell fabric of goose down pants is often treated with a waterproofing treatment to protect it from moisture. The most common waterproofing treatments used are DWR (Durable Water Repellent) and PFC-free DWR. DWR is a synthetic coating that helps to repel water. PFC-free DWR is a more environmentally friendly alternative to DWR.

In addition to these materials, goose down pants may also include other features, such as:

  • Baffles: Baffles are small compartments that divide the down in the pants. This helps to prevent the down from clumping together and losing its insulation properties.
  • Elastic waistband: The waistband of goose down pants is typically elastic to provide a comfortable fit.
  • Drawcord: The drawcord allows you to adjust the fit of the waistband and keep the cold out.
  • Waterproof pockets: Waterproof pockets are a great way to keep your belongings dry in wet weather.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

S, M, L, XL